Hi, I’m Evan of Aurchitect Audio Software.
You’re getting this newsletter because you’re a user of one (or more) of Audiofile Engineering’s products. I have some exciting news for you...
Starting today, Aurchitect Audio Software will be continuing development of Audiofile Engineering’s Pro Audio products!
Triumph, Myriad, Spectre and Loop Editor are now under my umbrella, and I’m going to focus simply on these products. Good thing is, I’m the author of all of them – so they’re in good hands. I’m really excited to push these apps forward and make them even better.
So, some things you should know
I’ll be shipping some administrative updates and upgrading the support services in the very near future.
The store at audiofile-engineering.com will be used for a little while longer while I migrate the licenses, purchases and other information over to Aurchitect’s services.
Because of a Mac App Store rule, I’m not allowed to bring Triumph as-is over to Aurchitect. I’ll have a new version of the app available for sale soon, and for those who have already purchased Triumph on the app store, I’ll make an upgrade path just for you.
I’m really excited to be taking these great apps forward – I have a lot of exciting things planned, feel free to contact me for any questions or concerns.

Evan Olcott
Chief Aurchitect