Hi everybody! I’m Evan of Aurchitect Audio Software.
After hunkering down over the winter, I finally have something to show you!
Created with Sketch. Myriad 4.4
Myriad’s makeover has reached a big milestone, one that will make things much easier for everybody and make room for the even bigger changes coming.
Multiple Windows
I don't know about you, but I was getting frustrated moving from section to section trying to find the right activity page, losing what was going on in the workflow area, which was too small to begin with... I could go on. To fix this, the main window has been split into separate windows: Files, Waveform, Workflow, Activities, and Log.
Myriad also has support for Sierra’s "tabbed windows" feature, so if you want to go back to the one-window mode, you can!
Dark Mode
People have been asking about this for years, and it took an interface overhaul to make it happen, but now it’s happened. Dark mode can be applied to all of Myriad’s windows.
To delve deeper into all the changes in Myriad, watch this video.
Myriad 4.4 is available now! You can download it here or update it from within the app.
Still working on it, but it’s looking great
There are three meters completed so far:
Spectral  •  Needle  •  Bar
The meters have been differentiated by visual style instead of by their math. What this means is that each meter can do multiple measurements with different rulers all at once! The Spectral meter can handle a standard Spectrograph, phase and magnitude difference, and Coherence all in one window. The Bar meter can do Program Loudness right alongside Peak and RMS measurements. As a result, all of them are more visually configurable as well.
I want to finish a few more meters before I set it up for sale, and I'm also anxious to meet with some CoreAudio engineers at the WWDC18 conference this year and get some final questions answered so the meters stay future-proof and rock-solid.
I’m (still) aiming to get Aura released in the first half of 2018.
Nope, I haven’t forgotten about it...
...it’s just that Myriad and Aura have been occupying all of my time. Once Aura is released, I'll start dedicating some serious time to bringing Triumph up to the quality of the other apps. I’ve been learning a lot with respect to coding audio in Swift, new features in macOS that can be utilized, etc. that I will also bring to Triumph - along with bug fixes and your really helpful suggestions.
If you have any questions or problems, please let me know.
I’m really proud of the changes happening with the apps, and a lot of it comes from your suggestions and ideas. Thank you so much for your loyalty, and I will continue to do my best to create the best audio tools in the industry for you.

Evan Olcott
Chief Aurchitect