Hi everybody! I’m Evan of Aurchitect Audio Software.
Hope your summer is going well. Mine has been pretty great...
Aura is ready and available for purchase
Aura is an unequaled real-time audio analysis suite that brings the ultimate in flexibility, power, accuracy and beauty to audio visualization. Technically, Aura is a customized AUv3 host that contains a suite of metering plug-ins. You can use the meters in the app for monitoring hardware inputs directly, or use the suite of plug-ins in your favorite AUv3 host DAW.
Each meter is completely customizable, resizable, and unflinchingly accurate. The meters support all modern metering standards, and can display multiple types of "traces" in the same meter.
Meters and traces available in v1.0 include:
  • Spectral – Magnitude, Magnitude Difference, Phase Difference, Coherence
  • Needle – VU, BBC, and LU modes
  • Bar – Magnitude, Peak, LU
  • History – Correlation, Leq, Level, Loudness, Power Difference, Spectrogram, Waveform
  • ...and there’s LOTS more to come!
Check out the Aura website for more details.
Aura is available now for $129 US
Try free for 15 days
Discounts are available
20% off with your Spectre license key
In celebration of the release of Aura and exclusive to this newsletter, here are some 20% off coupons for Triumph, Myriad, and Loop Editor. Hurry, they’re only good until August 15, 2018!
20% off Triumph: TR-AURA
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Updates are in the works
Now that Aura has been released, I’ve begun digging in to Triumph and sprucing it up for late 2018 releases. Bug fixes first, then larger features later in the year. I’ve been in discussions with some Triumph power users who have given me great ideas that will take Triumph to the next level.
If you have any questions or problems, please let me know.
I’m both excited and relieved to finally get Aura into your hands, and I truly believe you’re going to love it. Thank you so much for your support and loyalty, and I will continue to do my best to create the best audio tools in the industry for you.

Evan Olcott
Chief Aurchitect